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The Norse/Germanic Gods are not dead. There are followers yet today, and the movement is growing.

The religion of the Norse Gods is called "Àsatrù", which means "troth (faith or religion) of the Aesir". Àsatrù is often used as a generic term which includes "Vanatrù" (troth of the Vanir) and other variations of the faith. There are those who pledge to specific God/desses, such as Odin, Thor, or Loki. Odinists are the largest group of those pledged to a specific God. There is also an Anglo-Saxon sect, called Theodish Belief, which recognizes aspects of the same God/desses.

Groups of these followers are called "Kindreds" and "Hearths". There are kindreds located in the Scandinavian countries, continental Europe, Great Britain, North America and Australia, with scattered smaller groups found elsewhere.

Here are links to some of the Àsatrù groups around the world:

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Gers Ey Godhorth (NJ)

Gyrfalcon Hall (IN)

Rigsbornin Kindred (GA)

Apple Tree Kindred (NV)

Hammerstead Kindred (KY)

Keepers of Seasons Hall (NM)

Kindred Spirits Hearth (OH)

Oak Hof (KS)

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Raven Kindred South

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Forna Seden USA

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Nenne's Sibbe: Àsatrù in the Netherlands Page (In Dutch)

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For books about Norse/Germanic mythology and religion, visit the bibliography on this website.