Rune Charms

Fertility and Birth charms

For fertility

For an easy pregnancy and birthing

For blessings of the goddess

I now know of nineteen happy mothers who credit their successful conceptions and births of their most recent children to these potent fertility and pregnancy charms. These three charms have been posted online in various places since 1996. These venerable talismans have been in use since at least the 13th century, possibly longer. They are as effective in the new millennium as they have been in the past. If any of the charms on this page prove successful for you,
please let me know! (Updated 6/13/02.)

Rune Magic

"Today, many people take written language for granted and use runes as an alphabet without really understanding the magical importance of doing so. When you write a word in runes, it empowers that word..."

Click here to read "The Runic Journey", an excellent summary of rune magic by Jennifer Smith

How to Make and Use the Charms

Here's how to use the rune charms on this webpage. The easiest method is to print this page and cut out the charm or charms you want to use. The charms will last as long as the piece of paper. (Do not laminate the piece of paper. You could, however, make several copies and consecrate all at the same time.)

If you can only print in black and white, trace each symbol in red ink or red marker while concentrating on the symbol's purpose. If you print in color, tracing the symbols with your finger will do. (Traditionally one would stain the charms with one's own blood. See more about this below.)

If you want to make more sturdy talismen, carve and paint the symbols onto pieces of wood, Fimo or ceramic clay, or other materials. Hobby shops sell thin wooden blanks in various shapes that are ideal for this use. Carving stone is next to impossible without a Dremmel highspeed drill, so painting should suffice on that medium.

One traditional application of the Fertility charm is to carve it on a piece of cheese and then eat it. Other methods include drawing a charm on one's body with saliva or blood, (or vaginal fluid or semen in the sex related charms), or henna for a temporary tattoo which lasts about 4-6 weeks, or even a permanent tattoo.

Be extremely careful about permanent tattoos. Runes are very powerful and can be dangerous. The only rune charm I would trust for a permanent tattoo would be the Aegishjalmur, the bindrune for protection and irresistibility in combat or the Vegvisir, a runic compass.  See the Runic Tattoo page on this website for more about tattoos.


Pray or do a personal ritual to consecrate each individual charm to charge it with its purpose. If the charm symbol is not charged, it is merely an interesting design, not a talisman. I have described a consecration below, but you may create your own ritual.

Call upon the power of God/dess, the Universal Life Force, or whatever is appropriate for your beliefs. Invite also your lineal ancestors, especially those who worked magick in their own lives, your power animal allies, local land spirits or any other wights you may wish to have present.

I'm a Reiki Master, so I use Reiki to charge charms. Reiki is channeled Universal Life Force; i.e. Qi, Ki, God-power. Certain techno-mages use devices called "orgone generators" to do much the same thing.

Visualize and verbalize the purpose of the charm. Giving image, sound, and words to your desired outcome puts the magic forth into the realm of reality and loosens the power of creation. Never use "no" or "not" in the verbalization. (Capriciously the gods and our subconcious minds do not hear the words "no" or "not" and will implement the opposite!) Verbalize the intent in positive words. Say it aloud! Sent it forth!

Put several drops of blood from pricking your finger with a sterilized needle or lancet and mix it with red ochre, acrylic paint, or red India ink. Draw over the symbol with the blood as you verbalize the charm's intent. (For the squeamish, leave out the blood and just symbolically "blood" the runes with henna, ochre, paint, ink or a marking pen.)

The consecration ritual may include burning a paper copy of the charm. However, keep another copy to carry with you.

You may use the Galdr sounds of runes contained within the runescript or bindrune. Look closely and you will recognize some shapes. When you have galdored the last rune, galdr the ALU (Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz) formula "Ahhhhlllluuu!" (meaning "It is sealed, so mote it be") over the rune set.

It is not necessary for you to intuit all the runes that are used in each of the charms. Hidden runes are part of the mystery.

These symbols also make excellent focus points for meditation. The meditation will then set you on your path toward your desired goal.

Carry the charm with you in a pocket or in your wallet. Lay it under your pillow or on your night table when you sleep.

Protection charms.

Good Luck charms


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Protect computer charm

Protect Computer

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If any of the charms on this page prove successful for you, please let me know! If you have need of a charm for a specific purpose not shown above, you can email me at I have many more charms that are not posted here. I will not send you my entire collection, so don't ask. I will look for one that suits your needs if you tell me what it is you want.

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