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fehu = f

Utuz / Ox, Strength

Thurisaz / Giant, Power

Anuz / God's Mouth, Advice

Raidho / Travel, Ride

Kenaz / Torch, Enlightenment

Gebo / Gifts, Balance

Yunjo / Joy

Hagalaz / Hail, Catastrophe

Nauthiz / Need-fire

Isa / Ice, Standstill

Jera / Harvest, a Year

Eighwaz / World Tree

Perthro / Lot Box, Vagina

Algiz / Elk, Protection

Sowilo / Sun, Success

Tiwaz / Justice, Loyalty

Berkano / Birch, Birth

Ehwaz / Horses, Teamwork

Mannaz / Mankind

Laguz / Water, Sea

Ingwaz / Virility

Dagaz / Dawn

Othala / Family, Inheritance




To send a runic greeting card, click on one of the designs above, or on one of the Aettir links below. In addition to the runic designs shown above, each of the greeting card selections include some of the red graphics shown througout the website.

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