An Awareness of Magic - by Wilfred von Dauster

Runic Magick - an interview with D. Jason Cooper.

The Aettir - by D. Jason Cooper. The 24 runes are divided into three sets. This article suggests why, and how to make use of the resulting relationships of the runes in magic.

Odin's Rune Magic - Odin gained the runes through great personal sacrifice. He was the ultimate runemaster. He taught rune magic to Freyja and learned Seithr from her.

Rune Charms - Runic magic you can use.

Galdr - Verbal Rune Magic

The Merseburger Incantations - Two historical runic charms. The use of poetry in magic.

Seider and Shamanism -  Norse feminist tradition of trance-travel, sex-magic, and shamanism.

Nidstang - A Runic Curse against those who would pervert the northern tradition and runes.

Stadhagaldr - Runic Yoga

Stav - Runic Martial Arts and Way of Life