A Runecaster's Lament

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The Lay of the Disorganized Athling

©1995 Sigrun Wynnsdatter
Used with permission of the author.

I cast a rune into the air.
It fell to ground I know not where!
I do not see it by the table...
Nor yet to find it am I able.

Alas that solitary rune
Is joined by many other things.
Perhaps it has found my front door key
Or those reading glasses that took wings...

It isn't on my altar there,
The dust is not disturbed a bit.
Behind the cushions of the couch?
Two cheese balls, but no sign of it.

A seven month old TV Guide
Is found, but hides no teinn.
That rune has wandered far afield
Amid this mess of mine!

Aha! The cat's got something there!
Is it my rune? Alas! Lament!
Kitty's found my Windows disk
(I'd wondered where that went!).

Well now my runes are minus one.
My casting is awry!
I guess I'll have to spread them all
And see which one has gone bye-bye!

I step to get the rune-pouch down
And hear an ominous *crack*
My Gods, don't say I've STEPPED on it!
Oops, no... That was a Cracker Jack!