The Best Rune Hot Links

This first group of websites is the most educational, interesting, or amusing of all the hundreds of runic websites I've found so far.

The Rune School - This is my newest discovery: an outstanding effort to provide a series of lessons for those interested in obtaining a basic knowledge of runes, sponsored by and by the mailing list

The Rune School

Runes: Theory, Practice & Lore by Brad Lucas is a new site I discovered while browsing the Ring of Runes Webring. Brad takes a scholarly approach, complete with footnotes. It's very readable and interesting. I put this site at the top of the list of links to visit. There is a wonderful article on Aegishjalmur "Helm of Awe".

Griping Beast design

Runes: Theory, Practice & Lore
by Brad Lucas

Arild Hauge's Runes - This is a very comprehensive site from Norway (written in English) which discusses the German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Anglo-Saxon and Greenland rune variations. Many more pages cover Viking life and society.The Norwegian pages are even more extensive than the English. This is my personal favorite of all runic websites. I've had the great pleasure of meeting this runemaster during a visit to Norway in 1998. He now lives in Denmark.

Arild Hauge

Arild Hauge's Runes & Vikings Page

Runesmith: Runic Journey - Superb presentation, solid runelore. Jennifer Smith has created the sine qua non of rune websites.  Tara Hill Designs is the commerical area of this site. Highly recommended.

Runic Journey

Grimner's Runes - Carl Johan Rehbinder, a Swedish artist, has created an insightful treatise on the runes. There are both Swedish and English versions of this lovely website. He has a great collection of runic icons for Macintosh, and is the founder of the Nidstang webring.

Grimner's Runes

The World of Bragi H. - Beautiful bindrunes and art by Icelander Bragi Halldorsson. Hard to navigate, but worth the effort. He's a hunk, too. See more runic art at Rune Art by Michael Hubba in Stained Glass and Rune Sculptures by George Miller. and George Miller's Art.


Write Your Name In Runes - This page contains a nifty Java script that does just what it says: type your name into a text field and press the button and you'll see how your name (or anything else for that matter) is spelled in runes.

Write Your Name in Runes

Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History. Everything you wanted to know about Anglo-Saxon Britain, but were afraid to ask. Huge extraordinary site, don't miss it. Regia Anglorum recreates a cross section of English life around the turn of the first millenium, ca. AD 950 - 1066.

Regia Anglorum

The Havamal for New Yawkas - Created by the Reginleif Felag, based upon Odin's famous book of advice found in the Havamal in the Poetic Edda, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Reginleif Felag

The Wednesbury Rune Pages - This addition to my "favorites" page is produced by Wednesbury Theod. It's short on graphics, but with the associated Wednesbury Theod Website, it's loaded with content. Not for "New Agers", this is a more serious and historical approach.

Wednesbury Rune Pages

The Runes Event - Back after an absence of several years, is one of my favorite sites. This is a "movie of the imagination", relating the saga of Egiil Skallagrimsson. The creator, Gary Poisson, has composed music for the story, posted online in MP3 form. He's also planning to make it available on CD.

The Runes Event

Updated 12/09/02

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