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Ancient Hungarian Rovas (Runes) - A Hungarian site, written in English. Some of the symbols are identical to the Germanic runes, but not always represent the same phonetic value. Some of the mysterious symbols in the Icelandic Galdrabok seem to be present here. See also: Hun - Hungarian - Transylvanian Runes and Journal Of The Institute For Hungarian Studies for additional articles.

Andhrimnir, Odin's Cook - a Spanish website, in Spanish, by Jose Blanco.

Ancient Egyptians and the Futhark Alphabet - I've included this site for comediic value. It is truly bizarre. According to Audrey Fletcher, "The Futhark Alphabet, derived from the Hieroglyphs of the remote Ancient Egyptians. ...The sounds represented by the Futhark Alphabet are direct descendents of the Hieroglyphs of the Ancient Egyptians..."

An Exposition on Runic Practices - British Eamon Brooks' lecture given to the Kryptos college S.R.I.A. 5th March 1994. "To understand the practical uses of the Runes it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of Rune Philosophy as developed over several thousand years by our ancestors. It would also be an advantage to have a basic understanding of Norse Mythology...."

Angelseaxise Ealdriht's pages on runes: The Runes in Mægencræt, Talisman Creation, Runic Divination, Learning the Runes, Anglo-Saxon Galdors, Runes, Sei<eth>r, Spæ,

Anglo-Saxon Runic Converter - A javascript will write your name or other words in A-S runes.

Anglsæxisce Runes by Jonathan Pressley: "On this page are the runic characters of the Anglo-Saxons.  While most people are more familiar with the ´Common Germanic´ rune rows, in truth we know very little if nothing about them... What I have presented here is the Anglo-Saxon rune poem in Old-English, in normalized Old English, and Modern English with very brief commentary.  The poems speak for themselves and what little commentary is added is simply food for thought." There is still more about Herb and Wort Lore, and Anglo-Saxon Magick galdor/bedes on the Wiccecraeft page. Navigation is awful and some pages load very slowly, but there is lots of data here. The site is cross-linked to Angelseaxise Ealdriht.

An Icelandic Book about Magic - Stig B. Nielsen, from Denmark, has reproduced several pages of galdrastafir (runic magical charms) from a book published in the 16th century. Text in English. Unfortunately, he doesn't tell us what the charms are for. I've seen a couple of Icelandic sites with the same sigels. Some of them are found in Stephen Flower's translation of The Galdrabok, an Icelandic Grimoire.

Ankou's Page of Runes - Dan Gronitz's well designed site includes, among other things, a timeline of the history of runes and discussion and images of the major futhark "sets". In addition to the Elder, Anglo-Saxon, and Younger futharks, he also illustrates the Frisian, Armanen, Gothic, Northumbrian futharks, and Medieval Healing Runes, some of which are completely new to me. He also links certain runes to each of Odin's Havamal eighteen rune charms.

Antti Karttunen's Elements of the Runes - This is a Finnish site, in English. It's based primarily upon Bernard King's The Elements of the Runes. See also her page: Nordic Runes in Unicode, if you're a techie.

Armanen Runes - By Karl Hans Welz of "Magitech University".This one starts to get a little weird when it goes into the subject of "orgone generators". A German site, written in English.

Arild Hauges Runer - Written in Norwegian . This is one of the most extensive sites on runes and Vikings. Fortunately he's translated many of the pages into English.

As Runas de Ódin - The significance of the magic of the runes, in Portuguese, by Draco.

Asatru and the Elder futhark - Grimnir Svithrirsson is translating the the Lays of the Poetic Edda.

A Web of Futhark- This insightful page by JehanaS has caused me to revise some of my rune meanings.

Beginning Runes - Unickorn uses Australian D.Jason Cooper's Using the Runes as the basis for this interesting educational site.

Beginning to Understand Runes - A rune primer by Stormerne. "The Skvala Press first produced this rune primer as an eight page leaflet in 1994. The second edition had improved rune graphics, a recommended reading list and clearer interpretations. This new edition corrects some mistakes and ambiguities, and adds a short historical section."

Darkrage's Runic Page contains summaries for each of the Elder Futhark runes with suggestions for carving, coloring, and invoking.

Divination with Anglo-Saxon Runes - A one page summary that suggests using Bibliomancy with the Old Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem. It also contains a good depiction of the futhorc.

Dowsing the Elder Futhark - Brian J Murphy has come up with a unique method of runic divination. Instead of casting or drawing rune pieces, he uses a pendulum over a chart on which the runes are drawn. Brian has adapted my rune meanings for this method. I've got to try this, because I'm a dowser, too.

Ecole Helvetique des Runes - A Swiss in French. A melange of philosophy, poetry and pseudo-science, it places Hagal as the archetype in which all the rune forms and all of life are found. It strangely depicts the Gothic runes inscribed on drawings of a woman's pudendum. It associates each of the runes with a God or Goddess. A Hagal-shaped LED device, "Hagaled", is for sale at 200 Euros, for use as visual aid to meditation, to ionize a part of your dwelling, to harmonize environment.

Dama del Lago - Here's a Spanish site about runes, in, by Viviana Arce, from Argentina.

eGroups: Runes - "This is a basic rune discussion/study list. Although, it is primarily, based on the 24 Elder Futhark, it is not based on any one tradition or method of use and is open to anyone who is truly open minded about learning more about the World of Runes. "

Freyja Aswynn's Homepage - Aswynn, who lives in the UK, is the author of several authoritative books on runes which are featured on my Recommended Reading page. She offers a correspondence course in Rune Mysteries.

Friends of the Swastika - This group seeks to reclaim the fire-twirl good luck symbol. "For many millenia, before it was appropriated by the Nazis, the swastika was a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Almost every race, religion and continent honored the swastika -- a perfect example of the universal spread of a symbol thru the collective unconscious used by American Indians, Hindus, Buddhists, Vikings, Greeks, Romans, Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Mayans, Aztecs, Persians, Christians, and neolithic tribes. There are even Jewish swastikas found in ancient synagogues side-by-side with the star of David!" - This reliable, attractive little site has aspirations. I look forward to seeing it grow.

Gifts of Heimdall - Mike Langford's beautifully constructed website is from UK. Mike has interpreted the runes in intriguing ways. This site is worth a visit.

Healing with Runes - "This page is mainly to show the different runes that can be used for different ailments... The easiest way is to draw the rune on the body with your finger. While drawing it tell the rune what you want it to do."

Högskollen i Lulelå University, Sweden - Essays on the history of the runes, the different futharks, and some translated rune stones in Scandinavia.

Icelandic Runes and Pronunciation - An Icelandic website, in English. The Icelandic language is essentially "Old Norse". The runes are of the Scandinavian variant, also called the "Younger Futhark". See also Virtually Virtual Iceland Runes and Pronunciation, another Icelandic page.

Idavollr Felag Runes and Runecaster - A javascript runecasting program that uses my rune meanings. Click on Dvination and then on Runecaster.

Irminsul Aettir - A solid educational site on runes and Asatru, by Susan Granquist and Mike Mohilo. Mike demonstrates how to use a dremmel tool to create an intrically carved rune set. Start with this section and stay to explore the rest of this truly beautiful website.

Islandica - contains phonetic and magical interpretations of runes. In Russian, so you need a Russian font to read it.

Jeu de Runes - From Quebec, this site provides an automated reading, written in French.

JF's Armanen Rune Page - The rune row developed in Germany in the 1930s. Discusses runic numerology and runic astrology. The same content in German: click here.

Kalle Runeristar - A Swedish page, also in English. Kalle Dahlberg is a genuine carver of rune monument stones. His site includes photos of stones he has carved, including one for the Leif Erikson memorial in Canada.

KaraGrim's Runic Postcards - Send a free email postcard bearing a rune. Kara recommends which runes to send to the people you know. For example, "Send [Algiz] to those who are accident prone, or just may need a little extra help in staying safe. "

Keitan's The Old Art - New Age: Runes - This site carries a brief history and meanings of the runes.

Knights of Rune - Another site about the Armanen runes, which asserts that they are the "true runes" of Wuodan (Odin). "The Order of Knights of Runes is a chivalric Order made up of folk united by true bonds forged through dedicated rune work."

Labyrinth Anglo-Saxon Runes - Good pictures of the Anglo-Saxon runes.

La Saga de los Vikingas - Despite the Spanish title, this page about runes is written in English. This is just one page of a framed site on Vikings. Click here for the site's index. There is a Spanish version.

Las Runas Vikingas - The Viking Runes - Cs. heryl Harleston's site from Mexico is in both Spanish and English

Les Runes - A French site in French, about runes with summaries of the rune symbols and an automated reading.

Lightgift's Runes - uses the controversial "Uthark" order which places Fehu at the very end. The site contains detailed and insightful discussions of each rune.

Making Runes - Andy Gates, from England, tells how he made a rune set with stone and a power drill. Good practical advice.

Mal Vikinga (Viking Grammar) - This ambitious website by Peter Petersson, in Swedish and English, gives an introduction to the Old Norse language of the Vikings. It explains how to read the ancient rune marker stones. It's way over my head, but interesting.

MeginRunar - Amana's Russian site; I wish I could read it, but a Cryllic alphabet font is needed to see this site, otherwise it's all ascii and ???'s.

Mystic Mouse's Runes - This site offers a very cool surealistic runic wallpaper for computer desktop as a free download.

N.O.R.S.E. - Non-Odinist Rune Seekers - Ingeborg S. Nordén's site contains valuable material. In particular, see "Know How to Read Them: a Brief Guide to Rune Lore" which discusses the meaning and background of each rune in depth, and  gives pithy reviews of popular modern rune books.

Nordic Magic Healing - This site is from France, but most of it is in English. Runes, charms, incantations, and galdr, and their use for healing. Sections of Yves Kodratoff's books in progress, Nordic Magic Healing, vol 1 "Healing Galdr, Healing Runes", vol 2 "Screaming, I Gathered Them", and Hand Healing, Shiatsu and Seidr are quoted. There are comprehensive discussions of known runic inscriptions and of Runic charms.

Nordic Runes - If you can tolerate the annoying audio, there is information worth reading here.This is a Swedish site by Berek (Bengt Sjöberg), written in English.

"Nytt om runer" - "News about Runes" in Norwegian and English, a yearly publication of the latest news in runic research, for serious runologists.

Ogham - Colleen Whitaker has put together an excellent site on Celtic Ogham and magick. Also see Every Ogham Thing on the Web.

Oswald the Runemakers Guide to Anglo-Saxon Runes - A British website. Bob Oswald sells runesets and other runic items, and he's got some excellent content here, too. He has expanded so much that he's had to start new websites! is a free newsletter, issued 5 times a year. Regular features *The Runes in Depth* and *Runes for Rookies*. Free downloads and discounts on rune products for subscribers. is a collection of 2000 bindrune mongram designs and offer 30 practical bindrune talismans. He offers free bindrune monogram designs. is his newest site and contains runes information. It's a free contribution site for articles on runes and related subjects. Free downloads, or upload your own promotional, tutorial or information items for free. is Bob's runic design service: runic tattoos, T-shirts, artwork, illustration, web graphics, signs, etc. Online consultancy for translation and transcription to/from runes. Runic Design Pack by CD-ROM or internet download.

Pagan Parenting - contains an article by me with rune charms for fertility, pregancy and childbirth.

Primrun - An Icelandic artist, Haukur Halldórsson, has taken the runic calendar and turned the sigels into works of art. See the article on Ancient Calendars. The website is in English.

R-U-N-A CENTRO DI STUDIO SULLE RUNE - An Italian website dedicated to the study of runes.

Runas de vida - "Life Runes", a site in Spanish from Mexico. The Viking Runes and their meanings. Also Carlos Castaneda, literature and media.

Runecasts - This is an online runecasting program, from The Scripts Joint, One can choose from 18 different rune sets and 12 layouts. Click on any of the runes to see a summary of its properties and meanings. The author did his research well. The meanings and interpretations are quite good.

RuneGild-USA - The Rune-Gild was founded in Austin Texas, in 1980, by Edred Thorsson (Stephen Flowers, PhD) "as the first authentic rebirth of the elder Runic tradition to be available in about a millennium". See also Northwest Ohio Runa Workshop - The purpose of the workshop is to provide those outside of the Rune-Gild with a group setting to learn and internalize the objective knowledge required of rune work.

RuneGild - South Pacific - Located in Australia. The site includes some very interesting articles: "The Runes", "The Art of Berserk", "The Norns", "Mannaz & Revenge", "Dagaz", "Blum Draws a Blank on 25th Rune", etc.

Runemagic - A site about the magic of runic divination, from South Africa. Gavin Ford, the creator of this impressively designed site, offers for sale rune bags, rune sets, etc. in addition to the educational content.

Runen - A German site, in German, a new Runes project on typOasis, with a lot of unique runic fonts that were made especially for this project.

Rune-Net - Rune-Net was formed by a group of rune students in Australia and elsewhere who have been studying as a network for over 10 years, and individually for up to 25 years.The purpose of Rune-Net is to promote the study of our runic heritage.

Rune-of-the-Month-Club - It took Jordsvin five years to compile all the articles, but you can use them as intended, a concentrated study of each rune, taken one at a time, month by month. It's well worth the visit and a bookmark for returning.

Runes - Website in French. L'Oracle va vous dire les Runes. A toute question une réponse immédiate. Netscape Navigator needed.

Runes - Website in Japanese. You need a kanji font or it all shows up in ascii jiberish.

Runes and the Isle of Man - A article about Vikings on the Isle of Man and the runes they left behind.

Runes and Magick - Ostara provides us with an interesting discussion of meditating and healing with runes. She relates each rune to a part of the body.

Runes Book - A Russian language runic site. Describes the history and foundation of runes, the meaning of symbols, and magic divinatons.

Runes by Baldur - I've picked up some interesting ideas from Gregg. I like his description of Freyr's aett as relating to the Physical, Heimdall's aett as relating to Actions and Emotions, and Tyr's aett as relating to Mental and Spiritual. There's some very useful information in the Rune Magic section, too, about the magical properties of the individual runes.

Runes by Ragnar - The Denali Institute of Northern Tradition, in Alaska, supplies a correspondence course in runelore. There are several articles exerpted from the course on subjects of ørlog, wyrd, the Norns, etc. posted on this site

Runes in Art - The World of Bragi H. contains beautiful bindrunes and art by Icelander Bragi Halldorsson. Hard to navigate, but worth the effort. He's a hunk, too. See more runic art at Rune Art by Michael Hubba in Stained Glass and Rune Sculptures by George Miller. and George Miller's Art.

Runes of the Elder Futhark contains Andorwitch's interpretations of the rune symbols and the sale of handcarved rune sets, wands and staves.

Rune World - Tom Wulf's website on learning the runes: "Most of the information here is designed to help you learn the exoteric or outer aspects of the Elder Futhark runes... There is a separate page for each rune."

RuneWorld - An elegantly illustrated section on runes, part of the Upon Reflection website, which discusses other ancient alphabets also. There is an automated rune reading Oracle.

Runic and Colour Healing - Extracts from a talk by Stormerne given at a public meeting of the Green Ray Society, London, England, in October 1994. The corelation between runes and color healing escapes me, but I combine runes and Reiki for healing, so who am I to judge?

Runic Unicode - What is Unicode? Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. Runes have been assigned U+16A0...U+16FF. This is technical stuff!

Runic Scripts - Gary Walker has prepared a wonderful chart comparing various runic symbols: the common German (elder futhark), Anglo-Saxon, Danish, Swedish-Norwegian, Manx, Halsinge (short-stem), and dotted.

Runic Writing - A Swedish site in English. "Many thousands of runic inscriptions have been found all over the Viking world and in the faraway places they visited. They are mostly carved on stone but are also found on objects of metal, bone, horn and wood. The inscriptions contain a wealth of information and tell us a little about how the Vikings saw themselves." This is just one page of a fascinating site about Vikings.

Runological Projects at NCCH - the RUNETYPE project . Norwegian Computing Center for the Humanities. In English and Norwegian. A more academic site, for serious runologists.

RunVitki: Runes - The author of this webpage describes how he created a rune set using cast-off deer antlers, a crocheted casting cloth, and a leather pouch to carry them in.

Ruthdae's Runecrafting Page - If you ignore the annoying pop-ups, this brief site describes how to make rune sets of wood or bone, and includes some very good safety recommendations.

Secret Power of The Viking Wizards! The Runes for Magick and Divination - by Onkle Thorr, who has a variety of monographs on runes and magic for sale on his site. The site is difficult to navigate, but worth the effort to explore because of the extent of its content.

Some Thoughts on the Origin of the Futhark - a British site shares Steve Pollington's essay on runes presented at the Gesidas' London Meeting in November 1997.

Stormy's Runes - Helen J. Carol Thompson's site has grown! In addition to discussions of the runes and aettir, it contains Rune Game, an online interactive reading, Birth Runes, runic astrology, if you will, and quite a bit of information about Asatru and Norse mythology. Like me, she's a Reiki Master and has a page on that, too.

Tan Productions - Genuine hand-carved rune stones, from paperweight size to full size monuments, will be created to your order by this Swedish rune-rister, Torbjörn Andersson. He also makes to order handsome birch-wood pendants carved with runes and magical bindrunes.

Thee Clumsy Wizard - An eclectic site on magical workings that contains several essays and graphical depictions of bindrune and other magical sigil construction.

The Elder Futhark with Sounds - Pronunciation of the names of the runes of the Elder Futhark using Real Audio.

The Jargon File -  Hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor.  What does this have to do with runes? Well, look up these words in the Lexicon:  "runes", "runic", "casting the runes", "Great Runes".  And while you are there, take a look at Portrait of J.Random Hacker, to see what I'm really like. <grin>  (I'm not a hacker; I'm too old for that now, but I should have been.)

The Kewel Ristar: - This website contains the Old Swiss Rune Poem from the Nordicum Abcedarium, as well as the Norse, Icelandic and Anglo-saxon rune poems. It also includes a new rune poem by Vitki ¥ens Æælîflørn. There is also an interesting discussion of the metaphysical significance of numbers in old norse culture. It touches briefly on runic numerology. There is a section on magick, heavily influenced by Wiccan tradition.

The Runes Club - A message board and chatroom in Yahoo Cliubs. A pretty erudite bunch of members, too!

The Rune School - A quite worthy effort to provide a series of lessons for those interested in obtaining a basic knowledge of runes, sponsored by

The Runic Mysteries - Part 1 of B. R. Gendler's article "The Magic of Language", in Phurba Magazine online, discusses the use of runes and galdor in Anglo-Saxon magic, with discussions of charms, spells, incantations, conjurations and curses.

The Runic Sky - Allan Webber theorises a runic astronomy based upon the sky-maps of midnight, October 20, 1200. "The Norse had a long history in navigation and hence are likely to have been keenly interested in astronomy. The ideas of the Arabic world were the source for astronomy at this time. To serve their own ends and advance their astronomy it is possible that they infused the meaning and names to link the two systems (Norse & Arabic/ancient) together."

The Viking runes for divination and magic - Despite the name, this site is about the Elder Futhark, not the Scandinavian Younger Futhark. It includes a free automated rune reading using one of a dozen different (Tarot) layouts.

Tirage des Runes - A French site, in French, that selects runes at random and provides the meanings and counsel of each.

Turkish Futhark Alphabet - There are archeological findings of runic symbols once used in Turkey. The sigils are similar to the northern runes, but do not the same phoentic values or meanings. The site is in English. Yamada Fonts (see next page) has a Turkish rune font. Turkoman Int - Mystery of the Futhark Alphabet, by Turgay Kurum, is another webpage on the same subject. This site comes from UK, and is written in English.

Write Your Name In Runes - Just what it says: type your name and press the button and you'll see how your name (or anything else for that matter) is spelled in runes.

Wiccan Netbook of Shadows: Elder Futhark- Gives brief meanings of the runes and shows six casting layouts. It gives correspondences to stones, flowers, trees. Unique individual rune graphics.

Youger Futhark Booklet - A downloadable 46-page booklet by M.A Pidd, (in pdf Adobe Acrobat format) about the 16-rune Scandinavian futhark, written for a Stav organization in UK, Stáv at Einherjar Vé.

Zinnia - Runes Explained - An interesting history of the runes and an explanation of Wyrd as "the Norse term for the complex and interconnecting web that binds all things together... "

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