COMMERCIAL RUNE WEBSITESRunesets, Rune Jewelry, Rune Cookies, etc.

Amulets by Merlin - Unusual silver or brass "rune casters" sets in the shape of the runes themselves for casting or as pendants. Reasonably priced compared to the competition.

Amulets by Merlin

Appaloosa Art Stamps - A sheet of unmounted rubber stamps contains the Elder Futhark in two sizes. Backing material and inks are sold separately. Stamp on cardstock to create your own rune cards. A "RuneGlass Runestone Kit" contains 25 embossable stained glass pieces, a stampable muslin bag with leather tie, and embossing powder.

Appalossa Art Stamps

Badali Jewelry - Custom Norse Rune Spell Rings: sterling silver or 14k gold ring bands custom engraved with words, phrases and Magic Spells in ancient Norse Runes. Each ring is handcrafted one at a time to your exact specifications. [They have fixed Uruz since I first posted this.] Look for seller "badali-jewelry" on eBay also.

Badali Jewelry offers inexpensive ($5.95) pewter single rune and magical bindrune pendants. You have to click to see the pictures in order to figure out what to order since the descriptions are vague. They also sell Rune Spell Candles for $9.99.


Book of Shadows - Runes - Best prices (as low as $14) on quality ceramic rune sets in variety of colors and textures. Pewter and polished stone sets are also available.

Book of Shadows

BorderDog's T-Shirt eBay Store sells black Hanes pre-shrunk cotton T-shirts in sizes Small to 5X bearing a screen-printed Aegjshjalmur protection charm.

BorderDog's T-Shirts

Capricorn's Lair carries a large selection of engraved gemstone rune sets, individual rune pendants and magical bindrune talisman pendants in pewter and silver. They also carry Thorr's Hammer and other Norse, Celtic, and "Elven" designs.

Capricorn's Lair

Cindy's Art & Soul - Cindy sells some pricey but beautiful iridescent 15 mm rune beads. You could use them for casting, or string them as jewelry. Matching beads are also available without runes.

Rune Beads

Clever Crow Shoppe offers a rather limited collection of rune symbols (only Berkano, Dagaz and Tiwaz so far) on sweatshirts, T-shirts, mugs, boxes, and tote bags. I hope they add more.

Clever Crow Shoppe

Cool Art Custom Decals - 3" x 4" decals of each of the Elder Futhark runes, expensive at $3 each, but a unique product.

Cool Art Custom Decals

Creekmore Glass - Runes designed by Sara Creekmore, with a magical feel and iridescent colors in dichroic glass. Available in emerald, sky blue, cranberry, lilac, dragon blue, and a rainbow selection that includes all colors. Bindrune meditation stones are also offered.

Creekmore Glass

Custom Wax n Seals will custom make a seal with the runes of your choice. There are three different styles to choose from.

Custom Wax n Seals

Cybermoon Emporium - Witchywomyn's store sells engraved gemstone and glass, bone and pewter runesets, rune and runic charm jewelry, and scores of other items.

Cybermoon Emporium

Designer Jewelry by Jan McLellan - Modern Thorr's Hammers, crosses and pendants inscribed with runes.

Designer Jewelry

DivineWorld Runic Talismans - Each 1.8" pewter talisman combines magical power of runes with energy of semiprecious gemstones. The talisman is a physical affirmation of your focus, linked to the essential vibrations of the energies of natural runic forces to cause the changes indicated by the talisman's layout.


Enchanted Broomstick - Selection of 12 scented "Viking Rune Spell Candles", 6 inches in height, each bearing a pewter rune pendant.

Viking Rune Candles

Flame Foundry & Forge sells a set of double-sided 3/4" rune coins minted from solid copper, with a black velvet drawstring bag. They are also available in solid sterling silver, by special order.

Flame Foundry & Forge

Freya Aswynn's Runes & The Northern Mysteries Correspondence Course - The supervised course consists 12 lessons, each lesson taking approximately one to two months.

Freya Aswynn

Ghost Forge offers an octahedron rune dice set which includes the book Runic Dimensions. They also sell more traditional rune sets made of deer antler.

Ghost Forge

Judith Glue calls these handmade wool sweaters "The Bright Orkney Runic", based upon the Viking rune graffiti found on Orkney Island. The rune symbols are knit right into the design. She also sells fleece sweatshirts, scarves, and hats with runic writing.

Judith Glue

Hammers by Weylandsdattir offers sterling silver rune charms from the Elder, Younger, and Anglo-Saxon futharks, as well as a variety of Thorr's Hammer and Valnott pendants.


Here There Be Dragons has two "rune athames" with obsidian blades, hand-crafted by Wyrd Systers. One is inscribed with Berkano, the other with Wunjo.

Rune athames

Home4SchoolGear - The Viking Treasure Chest is a sturdy cardboard book-shaped chest that contains an array of activities: Hneftafl, a Viking game of strategy, a model of a Viking ship, runes, maps, stickers, and cards that demonstrate Viking dress, the Viking territory, and the Norse gods and goddesses.

Viking Treasure Chest

Lair of Darkness - Alfred's Rune Ring, named after the greatest of the Anglo-Saxon kings, contains the complete magical A-S futhorc.

Alfred's Ring

Lapis Lazuli World has a gorgeous multi-stoned sterling silver bracelet with inlaid magical bindrunes. They also sell individual bindrune pendants in three sizes. The bracelet and pendants come with information about the magical charms.

Lapis Lazuli World

Lexington Lights offers metal rune symbol pendulums: Uruz, Eihwaz and Kenaz.

Lexington Lights Pendulums

Lost Mountain Trading Company - Beautifully engraved semiprecious stone rune sets. Available in Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz Crystal, Hematite, Rutilated Quartz, Aventurine, Petrified Wood, Red Jasper, Red Agate, Tourmaline, Citrine, Aquamarine, Amitrine. Wholesale and retail.

Lost Mountain - Viking amulets, rune charms, Celtic knot jewelry, crystals, and magical talismans and tools.

Magical Gifts

Name Game - Your name in runes on self-stick address labels, or business cards, at very reasonable prices.

Name Game

New Moon Occult Shop sells a very nice wooden rune set with embroidered pouch and some unique rune dice. They also have rune sets of sterling silver, pewter, and stone.

New Moon Occult Shop

Novelty Soap Company offers a Viking Rune Stone Soap in silver, gold or oatmeal! 5.5 oz of fine soap in a variety of scents.

Novelty Soap Company

Ortak Jewelry of Orkney sell a variety of runic ring styles in silver and in gold. The runic characters translate as the romantic phrase "Love, Loyalty, and Friendship".

Ortak Jewelry

Oswald the Runemaker, UK - Runesets hand made from windfall branches of Ash, Chestnut, Hawthorn, Hazel, Willow and other woods, a 24-page mini-booklet, and a casting bag. Each set is cut from a single branch, polished and varnished with a durable nontoxic finish. The Rune symbols are branded by hand with an iron tool.

Oswald The Runemaker

Quicksilver Mint - Runic talismans as coins or medallions, for love, spiritual attainment, success, prosperity & well being. You can choose a celtic knot or other mystical symbol for the back side.

Quicksilver Mint

Paragon Peacock - Runes on the Run Rune Card Deck. Definitions are on the face of the card, so no more bulky books to carry around. Each deck comes with a free drawstring tapestry carrying bag. They also sell rune sets made of naturally shed deer antler.

Runes On The Run

Ragnar's Ragweed Forge - Functional and historically accurate hand forged Scandinavian knives, and museum reproduction Norse and Celtic pendants, brooches, belt buckles, penanulars, fibulas, hairpieces. This site has the best selection of Thor's Hammers.

Ragnar's Ragweed Forge

Read-A-Rune Kit consists of 24 handcrafted runes, an instruction booklet and a reversible velvet bag chosen from a selection of colors.

Read-A-Rune Kit

Rocky Mountain Runes - Shannon, who has a dozen years of runecasting experience, makes Magickal Mixing Spoons bearing bindrunes for Protection, Power and Abundance. She also sells hand-made hardwood rune sets.

Magikal Mixing Spoons

Runa-Raven Press - All of Edred Thorsson's books and more. This site is a sure bet for locating the finest books on runes and related subjects.

Runa Raven Press

Rune Cookies! Here are rune cookies you can eat: Choco'runes and Almo'runes! There is even a History/Mythology page. Ecookie is the way to order delicious cookies directly over the Internet.

Rune Cookies

Runes and Jewels is a creation of Iva Winston. She sells bronze runesets, and runic necklaces, bracelets and anklets of sterling silver, 14k and 18k yellow and white gold.

Runes and Jewels

Runes by Design - Rune sets of glass, river stone, semiprecious crystals, wood, metal (pewter, copper & sterling silver), and bone (animal and human) priced from $20 to $5000!

Runes by Design

Rune-Song eBay Store - Best prices on etched tumbled crystal and blown glass rune sets (not the usual small stained glass pebbles) in a variety of colors.

Rune-Song Blown Glass Runeset

Sales from the Crypt - Bindrune symbols are individually etched into fine English Pewter pendants (measuring about a half to three quarters of an inch), and each piece comes with an in-depth explanation of its meaning. They also sell Celtic Knot jewelry

Sales from the Crypt

Sedona Runes offers pewter and dichroic glass runesets.

Sedona Runes

Sheila Fleet - The Iona Shop - Exquisite silver and gold jewelry from Orkney, many with runes, like this enameled brooch. There are rings, cuff links, pendants, earrings, etc.

The Iona Shop

Silk Paintings of the Art of Vikings - Valentina Kuprina custom paints silk wall hangings, scarves and shawls with designs from ancient Swedish rune stones Her new site displays many more rune stone paintings than the original did. Beautiful!

Silk Paintings

Silver Dragon Jewelry - Sterling silver jewelry: runescript rings, pendants with single runes, magical runescripts and bindrunes, bindrune key chains.

Silver Dragon

Mystic Caravan - Pewter bindrune pendants made by St. Justin, Cornwall. These three are for love, success, and peace/happiness, but they have several others. Celtic, Norse, & medieval designs are also available in silver and pewter, including a nice selection of Thorr's Hammers. They sell pewter and tumbled stone rune sets, too.

Mystic Caravan

TAN Productions - Torbjorn Andersson custom makes full size and desktop rune stones, carved and painted in the ancient manner.

TAN Productions

Tablut - The authentic Viking board game of "Hneftafl" mentioned in the sagas; what the Vikings did on long winter nights. This is an electronic version. A wooden board and pieces are available from Tara Hill, the site listed below. Another source for the board game is NorseAmerica.


Tara Hill Designs - Superb quality wooden runes, rune set kits, and wooden Hneftafl game boards. She also sells red ochre powder for reddening the runes. Jennifer Smith is the creator one of my favorite Runic websites, The Runic Journey.

Tara Hill

The Artifact sells museum reproduction artifacts including this runic ring and matching (but not historical) earrings.

The Artifact

The Enchanted Glyph - Ben Crenshaw has created lovely Norse and Celtic jewelry in silver. Knotwork design is his specialty. Rune and Ogham sets are available in pewter, brass and silver. He makes the rune ring in either silver or gold. Look for Ben's wares on eBay also. seller name "knot2bfolded".

Enchanted Glyph offers a Seax Rune Carver's Knife and vials of red ochre and linseed oil for traditional rune coloring and charging, as well as wood and tumbled crystal rune sets, rune bags, etc.

Seax rune carving knife

Triplemoon sells "Rune Spell Candles" for the runes shown in the photo.

Rune spell candles

Woodcraft Supply Corp. sells most of the things one needs for making runesets: 1/8" veining gouges like the 5" Finecut Palm Tool shown here, woodburning tools, hardwood dowels, and precut wooden dowel plugs in bags of 100. The 1" plugs are ideal for casting runes. Go First Class with a Flex Shaft Reciprocating Carver for your Dremel drill. A Dremel will carve stone as well as wood.

Woodcraft Supply Corp. is another company selling fine celtic and runic jewelry.

Cairn-Celtic Co.

Wyrdshop Online (UK) - Traditional hand crafted wooden rune charms: Talismans from Old Norse Runecraft. They are supplied with thongs, to wear as pendants. They also sell wooden runesets, both Elder and Anglo-Saxon futharks, of holly, laurel, lime and hemlock.

Wyrdshop Online

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