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Rune Fonts

Coron's Sources of Fonts - FREE Several runic fonts including Dan Smith's rune fonts. BEWARE fantasy runes! Even the "historical" collection contains some fantasy runes. The collection includes the Hungarian Rovas "runes". For Windows, a few for Mac, downloadable.

Orkney Runes - FREE The Orkney Runes package contains two Runic fonts inspired by the Viking graffiti inside the Maes Howe Chambered tomb on the Orkney Mainland. Windows and Mac, downloadable.

TrueType fonts by Curtis Clark - FREE Elder futhark font for Windows & Macintosh, downloadable.

Yamada Runic Fonts - FREE Several runic fonts for Macintosh. The collection includes the Turkish "runes". Downloadable.

Rune Fonts - Time Cycles - Macintosh. I've been using these on my Mac for years. Includes Elder, Anglo-Saxon, and Younger Futharks, "Northern", Armanen Futharks, and woodcuts of the Germanic runes. $79.50 and worth every penny. The futhark on the title graphic of each page of this website is the "FutharkE" font. You must call to order.

TransRunic fonts - An excellent collection of Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Kylver, Vadstena, Breza, Swedish and Danish futharks. Linguist's Software $99.86. Windows & Macintosh. Purchase online. (a/k/a Ragnarok Scriptorium) has a collection of "Viking Fonts and Art", which includes a stylized Anglo-Saxon rune font, called "Futhark" and a pseudo-rune font called Surtur, which is actually the Latin alphabet but sort of looks like runes. - $12 each font, downloadable, or $49 for the complete CD. - Windows and Mac.

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Automated RunecastingOn the Internet

I think you'll decide to make your own runeset after playing with these for a while. There other automated systems online but the readings are usually limited to one or three runes. The two that follow allow one to select from a variety of runesets and layouts.

Runecasts - This is a fully functional demo of a Perl script that is available from The Scripts Joint (see below). One can choose from 18 different rune sets and 12 layouts. Click on any of the runes to see a summary of its properties and meanings. The author did his research well. The meanings and interpretations are quite good. This is the best of all the online systems.

Facade Runes  - This is the granddaddy of online runecasting systems. It has been around for many years. It's OK, but the site above is better.

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Software Applications

The Scripts Joint - Rune Casts v 1.2. A Perl Script for inserting a runecasting program on a website of your own. It's quite elegant, with the user able to select the type of rune set used and the layout desired. The rune meanings and interpretations are based upon reliable sources. A fully functional demo is shown. $50 script only, or $70 iincluding installation on your Web Server. Requirements: PHP 3 or 4, MySql Database Access, UNIX or Windows Operating System

R.K West - Fortune Tellier for Windows - FREE software for Windows 95/98, downloadable. Includes Runes, in addition to Astro-Mates, Auras, Crystal Ball, Dice, Geomancy, I Ching, Numerology, Palmistry, and Tarot.

Secret of Runes - $15 for Windows 95 or Windows NT 4, downloadable. Runes-The Viking Oracle $24.95 for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, downloadable.

Runes, the Ancient Oracle 6.0 - $20 for Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, downloadable.

Oracle of the Runes 4.0 - $12 for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME or XP, downloadable.

SoftRunes - $29.95 for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, downloadable.

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