"Do you believe in magic? Most pagans do. Most of our ancestors did, if we go back not all that far. In the history of the human race people have believed in magic far longer than they have not. Some people would say this resulted from an inability to explain the basic nature of things and how they operate, and that belief in magic is rapidly becoming obsolete as we gain a better empirical understanding of our universe. That as we gain more knowledge, there will be no need for supernatural explanations, hence no need for magic. These people do not have the slightest idea what they are talking about..."

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How Magick May Operate in the World

Magick. The name conjures up dark and dimly lit rooms, with hooded figures quietly chanting words of power. Magick, the casting of spells and the performance of rituals, has been practiced in many countries, societies, and times. People have cast spells and performed rituals, to gain benefits for themselves, for thousands of years. Even the cavemen created wall paintings, to gain sympathetic control over the animals they would be hunting.

The people in latter times, used magick, the art of causing change in accordance with ones will, to gain money and riches, love and sex, health, inspiration, peace and contentment. These people had such power, that the religious and political leaders of those times, felt threatened. Some of these leaders even secretly consulted the magicians of those times, for their knowledge, wisdom, and help.

Spells and rituals work through the agency of thought forms. A thought form is a mental and emotional construct on the astral planes. Whenever you repeatedly think about something, and strongly wish for it with emotion, this creates a thought form. Yes, thought forms literally do have wings. With magick spells and rituals, these thought forms can be sent flying through time and space, and even beyond time and space, using spiritual beings to fulfill your wishes. Spiritual beings and thought forms are not limited by time, distance, and walls, as we humans are limited. This is the secret to magick, causing change on the astral planes, brings change on the earthly planes. As above, so below.

Spells and rituals and thought forms, may help you to fulfill your innermost needs, wants, and wishes, if those needs, wants, and wishes are reasonable and within the realm of possibility. This means magick is not for idle dreamers. Magick may indeed bring you an abundance of opportunities and the good things in life. However, you must take action in the physical world, and take advantage of these opportunities. You cannot work a spell or perform a ritual, and then sit at home in your room, fulfill your wish and experience success.

Each and every thought form has a specific vibration. For example, when you wish for money, this creates money thought form vibrations around you. When you perform your spell or ritual, this calls upon friendly and powerful spiritual beings, with the same money vibrations that you created with your thought forms. These spiritual beings magnify your , and travel through time and space and beyond time and space, and fulfill your wish. Remember the biblical scripture: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to the mountains, get up and move, and they would obey.

Magick works similarly, however magical belief and faith are verified through recorded results. The magician keeps records of his successes and failures in his book of shadows, a magickal record book. The magician is not a scientist, yet he uses observation and intuition to verify his magickal reality. Results will vary, according to the magicians development, powers of belief, imagination, the repetition of the spell or ritual, and the help and interaction given by the spiritual beings.

Some scientists may scoff at these matters. They demand demonstrable, observable cause and effect in the laboratory. However, it is believed that the Gods have not yet intended for magick to be revealed to the masses. This may change in the future, as the veil of materialism is lifted from humanity. This is not simply a convenient excuse.

Occult rituals work somewhat similarly to spells. Rituals call upon the same spiritual beings and powers. However, rituals differ as they may require more preparation. Rituals may call upon particular spiritual beings, selected on the basis of their powers, particular hand gestures and body postures, candles in different colors, prepared with specific herbs and oils.

Rituals may be more powerful than spells. However, many spells have power to spare. I would say: Use whatever gets the job done. This article is based upon my own reading, experiences, and opinions.

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The Price of Magic

"For as long as I can remember I've been a sorcerer, living in the separate reality of the magical universe. Looking back I can't place a single incident where I woke up one morning and said: "I'm going to become a magickian." I didn't choose this, it's just something I always seem to have had inside me. OK, there was a day when the idea of using magick came to me, but this did not strike me as a strange option, as it would have most normal people. The question that has been creeping into my mind in the quiet dark hours of the night is is it worth the cost?..." Click here to read the rest of "The Price of Magic" by Barry Walker

Exposition on Rune Practices by Eamon Brooks, given to the Kryptos college S.R.I.A. 5th March 1994. "To understand the practical uses of the Runes it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of Rune Philosophy as developed over several thousand years by our ancestors. It would also be an advantage to have a basic understanding of Norse Mythology. The first concept to get to grips with is that of Orlog, which is the Northern European law of cause and effect..." More

The History and Magic of Rune Stones by Kveldulfr Gundarsson.
"...Altogether, from first to last, the inscriptions and uses of runestones make it very clear just how closely interwoven the religion, magic, and society of the Norse people were. Not only did these stones bring together the gods, the living, and the dead, each working weal for the others; but they also left us one of our most trustworthy and dearest legacies: the names, deeds, and beliefs of our forebears literally carved in stone, to stand and be read as long as folk know the Northern tongue... "