Nidstang - A Runic Cursing Pole

"In the Viking age the most spectacular way of cursing an enemy was by the Niding Pole... They were poles about nine feet (2.75 meters) long upon which insults and curses were carved in runes. Ceremonies were performed to activate the destructive magic of the pole. A horse's skull was fixed to the top of the pole, and it was stuck into the ground with the skull facing towards the house of the accursed person. The pole channeled the destructive forces of Hela, goddess of death. These forces were carried up the pole and projected through the horse skull. The runes carved on the pole defined the character and target of the destructive forces. ...Magically, the Niding Pole was intended to disrupt and anger the earth sprites (Landvaettir, Land-Wights or earth spirits) inhabiting the ground where the accursed's house was. These sprites would then vent their anger upon the person, whose livelihood and life would be destroyed."

Excerpt from Rune Magic: The History and Practice of Ancient Runic Traditions,
by Nigel Pennick. Harper Collins, 1993, ISBN=1855381052.



 Flag of the U.S.A.

The flag is raised to honor the martyrs and heroes of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA and the aftermath. Our prayers go out for the innocents who were wounded, have died, or are still missing in both America and Afganistan, and to their families.

I am compelled to add this nid curse against the terrorists and their comrades who are responsible for the horror of the airplane highjackings and the attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. on September 11, 2001.

Upon those who seek to strike
Under the cover of secrecy,
Who will not show their faces
Or admit that they take these actions,
Upon those who kill the innocent
Who consider "ordinary" citizens,
Who do not make the decisions of the leaders
Who may or may not support those policies,
Who may or may not even understand what those policies are
To be "valid targets" of their hatred and anger;
Upon those who would trick other people
Into teaching them the skills they need to kill,
Who take advantage of the willingness of strangers
To provide services that may not be available in other nations,
Upon those who believe that to cut off the "head of the snake"
To strike at the heart of our symbols,
To try and kill our leaders,
To destabilize our economy,
To break the spirit of our nation;
Upon those who give knowing shelter and aid
Who protect these creatures of cowardice
And refuse to allow them to face the consequences of their action,
Most specifically
Upon those who knowingly planned,
Participated in,
Or otherwise, with knowledge and intent,
Assisted those who brought about the decimation
of September 11, 2001, in the United States of America;
I call upon these nithings the full wrath of Thor.
The Protector and Defender of the common man.
I call the fullest measure of the Justice of Tyr
Who allowed himself to be maimed in an act of courage and honour
In order to save the order of the Gods.
I call the fullest judgment of Odin
The Allfather, the God of War
Who leads the Gods in the battles against the Jötuns
Including these Jötuns of hate.
I call the dominion of Hela
Who keeps all nithings within the horrors of Niflheim.
May those who meet the criteria of this Nid
Never known the comfort and succor of their own God
Only the might, the wrath, the Justice and the punishment of mine.

- created by Kriselda Jarnsaxa, September 12, 2001