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The sagas are epic tales, often poems, of the exploits and explorations of the Icelanders and other northerners. The Icelandic Sagas are one of the largest collections of remaining narratives from medieval times. With an often stark realism they detail everyday agrarian and political life, and describe adventurous Viking voyages. There are family histories,adventures and romances, and, occasionally, comedies. The sagas are as interesting to read now as they were in the era they were created. Think of them as soap-operas of the first millennium.

There are thirty major sagas and dozens of shorter tales.I've noted some of the most famous sagas with bullets. The word ættir refers to a short story in the saga style.

Some of the sagas are available online. I've provided links to those I've found. If you know of other online versions, please let me know. For print versions, see the Saga Bibliography page in this website.

Saganet - "The Saganet website contains images of works of Old Icelandic literature - page by page, manuscript and printed, dating from the 13th century through the year 1900. These works include the entire range of Icelandic family sagas. They also include a very large portion of Germanic/Nordic mythology (the Eddas), history of Norwegian kings, contemporary sagas and tales from the European age of chivalry. A great number of manuscripts contain Icelandic ballads, poetry or epigrams.

Most of the oldest manuscripts of the Icelandic Sagas, around 40.000 pages, are kept in The Árni Magnússon Institute in Iceland. Manuscripts written after 1650 &endash; 1700, far more numerous, i.e. around 210.000 pages are mostly in The National and University Library of Iceland (National Library). The printed material, about 151.000 pages will be taken from the Fiske Icelandic Collection at Cornell University."

* Unless you are using a Times OE font, you will see "" as "fl" or "<thorn>". Phonetically it has the value of unvoiced th as in "think". "" is a voiced th as in "the". It will appear as ">" or "<eth>", for which I've substituted "d" in most instances. Æ is pronounced like the i in "mice", ö is pronounced much like the eu in French "neutre" and roughly like the vowel in "her" or "purr".

Ale-Cap thættur (Ale Hood Tale)

Ali thekk Saga

An Bosveigi's Saga, Found in Fornaldarsogur

Arnórs thættur jarlaskálds, (Arnor, the Poet of Earls)

Arrow Odd (Örvar-Odds saga)

Asmund the Champion-Killer

Authunar thættur Vestfirzka  (Audun the Westfjorder, or Authun and the Bear)

Bandamanna Saga, (Saga of the Confederates)

Bardar Saga Snæfellsáss - A strange saga, included among the 'Family Sagas' because it is set in Iceland and not in remote lands of magic and adventure. The hero, Bard, was a Norwegian, fathered by a giant, and fostered by another giant. The saga states that he was more of a troll than a man, so people called him the god of Snæfell, per Ellis-Davison, Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe.

Beowolf; While technically not a "saga", it is an epic tale of the northern manner.

Beowolf (online)
(Another online version)

Bergbúa flættur, (Tale of the Mountain-Dweller)

Biskupa Sogur, contains Kristni Saga, Sturlunga Saga.

Bjorn Hitæla Kappi Saga, (Bjorn, Champion of Hitadale), First half of 11th century.

Blood Egil thættur

Bodvar Bjarki thættur, The Story of Bodvar Bjarki

Bolla thattur (Bolli Bollason's Tale)

Bósa saga og Herraud (Bosi and Herraud's Saga ), See also Busluboen. Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Brandkrossa thættur, (Brandkrossi's Tale)

Brands thættur örva, (Brand the Unselfish)

Brennu-Njáls Saga: (Njal's Saga) (Burnt Njal Saga); Probably the best source of information on Norse pagan society operating at full efficiency.

Brennu-Njáls Saga (online)
(another online version)
(download for PDA)

Busluboen , see Bósa saga og Herraud (Bosi and Herraud's Saga )

Clever Refs Saga, see Kroka-Ref's Saga

Cormac the Skald, see Kormak's Saga

Draumur Thorsteins Sídu-Hallssonar (Thorstein Sidu-Hallson's Dream)

Droplaugarsona Saga, (The Saga of Droplaug's Sons), 10th Century.

Egil and Asmund's Saga (Egils saga einhenda og Asmundar saga berserkjabana, ), Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Egil Skallagrimssons Saga (Egils Saga Skallagrímssonar, ). Adventures of a semi-likeable scoundrel in Pagan Norway. Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Egils Saga Intro (online)
Egils Saga (online)
(Another online version)
Egil Skallagrimsson and the Viking Ideal, an essay on the saga, by Christina von Nolcken

Egils thættur Sídu-Hallssonar (Egil Sidu-Hallson's Tale)

Einar thættur Skulason, (Einar Skulason)

Eindridi and Erling thættur

Eindridi Flat-Foot thættur

Eiríks Saga Rauda - Erik the Red, outlawed from Iceland, founded a colony on the western coast of Greenland in the 10th Century. The story is set in Greenland some years after the Christian religion was imposed.

Eiríks Saga Rauda (online)

Erec Saga and Ivens Saga


Eymunds of Skara Saga, (Eymund's Saga)

Eyrbyggja Saga - Adventures of a semi-likeable scoundrel in Pagan Norway. In Chapter 44 the protagonist uses runes to foil an attempt to poison him. One of the finest of the family sagas of Iceland, the story of outstanding men who lived in Snæfellness, composed in the mid 13th century. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Eyrbygga Saga, (Saga of the People of Eyri); One of the finest of the family sagas of Iceland, the story of outstanding men who lived in Snæfellness, composed in the mid 13th century.

Eymund of Skara flættur

Eymund's Saga

Færeyinga Saga, or The Saga of the Faroe Islanders. From the Flateyjarbók Ca. 946-1040 A.D.

Fagrskinna Saga. From the Fornmanna Sogur.

Finnbogi Rami's Saga

Flateyjarbók (The Book of Flat Island) - The largest of all Icelandic vellum manuscripts and one of the most splendid. The main subject matter of Flateyjarbók is sagas of the kings in Norway, but there are a number of interpolated episodes from other sagas, including one of the accounts of the discovery of America. It includes the Fagrskinna Saga and the Grænlendinga Saga

Flateyjarbók (online)
The Flatey Book: Flatey Book, Hauks Book and Vatican Manuscripts (online)
The Flatey Book Manuscripts (online)

Floamanna Saga (Saga of the People of Floi). From the Fornsogur.

Fljótsdæla Saga ( Saga of the people of Fljotsdale)

Fornaldarsögur, Contains:

Volsunga Saga,
Hervara Saga,
Thorstein Vikingsson's Saga,
Ketil Hæng's Sons' Saga,
Grim Lodinkinnis' Saga,
Fridthjof's Saga,
Hrolf Kraki's Saga,
Half's Saga,
Sogubrot Saga,
Ragnar Lodbrok's Saga,
Ragar Lodbrok's Sons' Saga,
Norna Gest's Saga,
Gautrek's Saga,
Orvar Odd's Saga,
Herraud and Bossi's Saga,
Egil and Asmnund's Saga,
Hjalmter and Olver's Saga,
Gongu Hrolf's Saga,
An Bosveigi's Saga,
Egil's Saga,
Njal's Saga,
Laxdæla Saga,
Eyrbyggja Saga.

Fornmanna Sogur, contains:

Sagas of the Kings of Norway,
Jomsvinkinga Saga,
Kythlinga Saga,
Fagrskinna Saga.

Fornsogur, contains :

Vatnsdæla Saga,
Floamanna Saga,
Hallfred's Saga,
Gretti's Saga,
Viga Glum Saga,
Hallajot's Saga.

Fóstbrúdra Saga (The Sworn Brothers' Saga). Found in the Flateyjarbók. Ca 1015 to 1030 A.D.

Fridthjofs Saga, Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Fridthjof the Bold's Saga (online)

Gautreks Saga. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Gisls thættur Illugason (Gisli Illugason) 

The Saga of Illugi, The Foster Son of Grid (online)

Gísla saga súrssonar, (Gísla Saga Surasson) The saga of Gisli Surasson, who had a series of prophetic dreams while he was an outlaw pursued by enemies for seven years.

Gold Asa-Thord, see: Gull-Ásu-fiórdar flættur,

Gongu Hrolf's Saga. Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Grænlendinga Saga, (Greenland Saga), found in Flateyjarbók. This saga includes one of the accounts of the discovery of America Synopsis online.

Grænlendinga fláttur (The Tale of the Greenlanders)

Grettir the Strong

Grettir's Saga (online)
(Another online version)
(Another online version)
(Download for PDA)
(Download PDF format)

Gretti's Saga. From the Fornsogur.

Grim Lodinkinnis Saga. Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Gull-Ásu-fiórdar thættur, (Gold Asa-Thord's Tale)

Gull-thoris Saga or Thorskfirdinga (Gold-Thorir's Saga)

Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu, (Gunnlaug Wormtongue's Saga). A 13th century love triangle. Found in Islandinga Sogur

Gunnars thættur thidrandabana, (Gunnar, the Slayer of Thidrandi)

Gunnars Saga Keldugnúpsfífls, (Gunnar the Fool of Keldugnup)

Hakon Herdebreid Saga, from Heimskringla.

Hakon the Good's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Half's Saga. Found in Fornaldarsogur. 6th century?

Hálfdanar saga Eysteinssonar, (Halfdan Eysteinsson's Saga)

Hálfdanar Saga svarta, (Halfdan the Black Saga), from Heimskringla.

Hálfs Saga ok Hálfsrekka

Hallaljot's Saga. Found in Fornsogur. Beginning of 11th century.

Halldórs thættur Snorrasonar hinn fyrri, (Halldor Snorrason I)

Halldórs thættur Snorrasonar hinn sídari, (Halldor Snorrason II)

Hallfredar Saga Vandrædaskálds (Hallfred the Troublesome Poet or Hallfred's Saga ). An Icelander becomes court poet in Norway. Found in Fornsogur. End of 10th century.

Harald Hardrade's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Harald Harfager's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Haralds Saga Sigurtharsonar

Harald the Greenlander


Hardar Saga (Saga of Hord and the People of Holm)

Hauksbók, Hauk. Erlendsson. A large codex of sagas and learned writings which was compiled in Iceland, early in the 14th century.

Hauksbok (online)

Hauk the Tall thættur

Hávardar Saga Ísfirdings, (Saga of Havard of Isafjord). Provoked beyond endurance, Havard exacts a terrible revenge.

Heidar Viga Saga (Saga of the Slayings on the Heath). Continuation of Viga Styr's Saga. First half of 9th century.

Heathslayers Saga (online).
Heitharvega Saga (online)
Another version (online)
Download for PDA

Hervarar Saga ok Heidreks. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Hænsna-fióris Saga, (Hen-Thorir's Saga)

Heimskringla, the History of the Kings of Norway, Sturlusson, Snorri. Contains Ynglinga Saga. Written by Sturlusson during the first half of the 13th century, giving history of the Kings of Norway and Sweden from Odin down to 1117.

Heimskringla (online)

Helgi and Ulf,

Helga tháttr Thórissonar (Helgi Thorisson)

Hænsna-fióris Saga, (Hen-Thorir's Saga),

Herraud and Bosi's Saga, See also Busluboen. Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Hervarar Saga. Found in the Fornaldarsogur.

Hjalmter and Olver's Saga, Found in the Fornaldarsogur.

HÏnsa Thoris' Saga

Hord's Saga. A band of outlaws rejects society

Hrafenkl Freysgodi Saga (Hrafnkel, Priest of Frey)

Hrafns thættur Gudrúnarsonar, (Hrafn Gudrunarson)

Hrafns Saga Sveinbjarnarsonar

Hreidars thættur, (Hreidar's Tale)

"Hreidar, the Fool"

Hrolf Gautrekson

Hrolf Krakis Saga - A retelling of the an Old Norse saga existing only in fragments in the original. Hrolf Kraki was a berzerker who took the shape of a bear in battle, while his body remained in a trance. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Hrómundar thættur halta, (Hromundar the Lame)

Hromund Gripsson Saga

Hromund Gripsson Saga (Online)

Hrormund's Saga

Illugi, Grid's Foster Son , (see Gisl Illugason thættur ??)

Islendingabok, Book of the Icelanders by Ari Thorgilsson the Learned

Íslendings thættur sögufróda, (the Story-Wise Icelander)

Ivars thættur Ingimundarsonar, (Ivar Ingimundarsonar) "Ivar's Story"

Jokuls thættur Buason, (Jokul Buason)

Jomsvinkinga Saga . Saga of a warrior society living on an island in the Baltic, to which no women were admitted. From the Fornmanna Sogur.

Ketil Hæng's sons Saga. From the Fornaldarsögur.

The Saga of Ketil Trout (online)

King Harald Grafeld's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Kjalnesinga Saga, (Saga of the People of Kjalarnes)

Kmalnesinga Saga

Knytlinga Saga

Kumlbúa fláttur, (Tale of the Cairn-Dweller)

Konung's Sliggsja Saga

Konungs Skuggsja,  (The King's Mirror)

Kormak's Saga (Carmac's Saga)

Kormak's Saga (online)
(Antoer online version)
(Download for PDA

Kristni Saga

Króka-Refs Saga, (The Saga of Clever Ref )

Kythlinga Saga: a History of the Kings of Denmark. From the Fornmanna Sogur.

Landnáma Saga

Landnamabok, The Book of Settlements

Laxdæla Saga, (Saga of the People of Laxardal) Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Laxdæla Saga (online)
(Another online version)
(Download for PDA)
(Download for PDF format)

Ljosvetninga Saga, (Saga of the People of Ljosavatn)

Magnus Barefoot's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Magnus Erlingson's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Magnus the Blind's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Magnus the Good's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Mána fláttur skálds, (Mani the Poet)

Mani the Icelander flættur

Maríu Saga, a 13th century saga, in which there is a description of "utiseta" (sitting out), the divinatory trance used by the seidkoner.


Niebelungenleid (online)

-Njal's Saga. Found in Fornaldarsogur.

Njal's Saga (online)
(Another online version)

Norna Gest's Saga. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Odds fláttur Ófeigssonar, (Odd Ofeigsson's Tale)

Ögmundar fláttur dytts, (Ogmund Bash)

Ogmund the Hard-Hit flættur

Olaf Haraldson's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Olaf Kyrre's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Oláfs Saga Tryggvasonar , (Saga of Olaf Tryggvason), from Heimskringla: A vast, sprawling compilation of historical material...of King Olaf Tryggvason of Norway (995-1000), put together in the early 14th century. Olaf converted Norway to Christianity by force as much as by persuasion.

Ölkofra Saga

Orms fláttur Stórólfssonar, (Orm Storolfsson)

Orkneyinga Saga : The History of the Earls of Orkney.

Orvar-Odds Saga, (Arrow-Odds Saga). From the Fornaldarsögur.

Óttars fláttur svarta, (Ottar the Black)

Poet Helgi's Saga

Ragnars Saga Lodbrokar, (Ragnar Lodbrok's Saga) Excerpt (online) From the Fornaldarsögur.

Ragnar Lodbrok's Sons' Saga. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Red the Strong flættur

Reykdæla Saga og Víga-Skútu, Saga of the People of Reykjadal and of Killer-Skuta.

Rimbegla Saga

Sagas of the Kings of Norway, From the Fornmanna Sogur.

Shuttle-Halli flættur

Sigurd the Crusader's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Sigurd, Inge, and Eystein's Saga, from Heimskringla.

Skálda Haralds Saga

Skálholtsbok, A codex dating from the late 15th century.

Sneglu-Halla fláttur, (Sarcastic Halli)

SnÏbjorn Galti's Saga, No longer extant, but a condensed summary of the saga is incorporated in Landnámabók.

Sogubrot Saga. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Sorli's Saga

Stjörnu-Odda draumur, (Star-Oddi's Dream)

Stúfs fláttur hinn skemmri

Sturlunga Saga

Svada fláttur og Arnórs kerlingarnefs, (Svadi and Arnor Crone's-Nose )

Svarfdæla Saga, (Saga of the People of Svarfadardal)

Thatt of Styrbjorn's Saga

Thidranda fláttur og fiórhalls, (Thidrandi and Thorhall )

Thidranda fláttur Sídu-Hallssonar, (Thidrandi Whom the Goddess Slew )

Thórarins fláttur Nefjólfssonar, (Thorarin Nefjolfsson)

Thórarins fláttur ofsa, (Thorarin the Overbearing)

Tórarins fláttur stuttfeldar, (Thorarin Short-Cloak)

Thórdar Saga Hredu, (Saga of Thord Menace)

Thorfinns Saga Karlsefnis - Synopsis online

Thorgríms fláttur Hallasonar, (Thorgrim Hallason)

Thórhalls fláttur knapps, (Thorhall Knapp)

Thorleif fláttur jarlaskálds, (Thorleif, the Earl's Poet)

Thorgils and Haflidi Saga

Thorgrim Hallason flættur

Thormódar fláttur, (Thormod's Tale)

Thormod Coal-Brow's Skald flættur


Thorsdrapa (online)

Thorskfirdinga, or Gullthori's Saga

Thorsteins Saga Hvíta, (Thorstein the White)

Thorsteins Saga Sídu-Hallssonar, (Thorstein Sidu-Hallson's Saga )

Thorsteins saga tjaldstædings, (Thorstein Tent-Pitcher)

Thorstein the Saga-Teller

Thorsteins fláttur Austfirdings, (Thorstein of the East Fjords)

Thorsteins flættur bæjarmagns, (Thorstein Mansion-Might )

Thorsteins flættur forvitna, (Thorstein the Curious)

Thorsteins flættur stangarhöggs, (Thorstein Staff-Struck)

Thorsteins fiáttur skelks, (Thorstein Shiver)

Thorsteins flættur uxafóts, (Thorstein Bull's-Leg)

Thorstein Vikingsson's Saga. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Thorstein Vikingsson's Saga (online)
(Another online version)

Thorvalds fláttur vídförla, (Thorvald the Far-Traveled) Synopsis online.

Thorvardar flættur krákunefs, (Thorvard Crow-Nose)

Thorvalds flættur tasalda, (Thorvald Tasaldi)

Thrand of Gotu

Toki flættur

Valla Ljots Saga

Vopnfirdinga Saga, (Saga of the People of Vopnafjord)

Vatnsdæla Saga, (Saga of the People of Vatnsdal). From the Fornsogur.

Volsi flættur

Volsunga Saga, The story of Siegfried (Sigurd) and the dragon and the ring, etc. An important source for the Wagner operas and for understanding the values of the Viking age. From the Fornaldarsögur.

Volsunga Saga (online)
(download for PDA)

Vopnfirdinga Saga, (Vapnfjord Men)

Vatndæler's Saga; Heid, the wise woman predicted that Ingimund and his band would settle in a land as yet undiscovered, west over the sea. Heid told Ingimund that his hultr, a sacred image of Freyr which had disappeared from his purse, would be found again when he dug the post-holes for his hall in the new land. Ingimund did not want to go to the new land, Iceland, but instead sent two Finnish magicians there to find his teleported hlutr. Some time later, the Finns returned to Ingimund in Norway, having found the image but had been unable to recover it. So they directed Ingimund to the place, a dale set between two woods, Vatnsdal, where Ingimund founded the hall called Hof.

Vemund's Saga

Viga Styr's Saga

Viga-Glums Saga, (Killer-Glum's Saga). A chieftain ruthlessly annihilates his rivals. From the Fornsogur.

Viga-Glums Saga (online)

Víglundar Saga, (Viglund's Saga)

Viking Tales - Jennie Hall, 1903. Retellings from the sagas, with illustrations by Victor R. Lambdin. English/HTML at A Celebration of Women Writers, University of Pennsylvania. (Online)

Volsa Thattur - The story of Volsa

Volsa Thattur (online)

Vrapnfirdinga Saga

Yngvar the Explorer

Ynglinga Saga, from Heimskringla; "They...went without mailcoats, were frantic as dogs or wolves; they bit their shields and were as strong as bears or boars; they slew men, but neither fire nor iron could hurt them. This is called 'running berserk'." Excerpts online.

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