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Vikings Saga

The Smithsonian Institution's traveling exhibit Vikings:The North Atlantic Saga. will be seen at museums across North America for the next two years.


Washington, DC. National Museum of Natural History, April 29-August 13, 2000

New York City, American Museum of Natural History, October 21, 2000-January 20, 2001

Denver, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, March 2, 2001 - May 31, 2001

Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science, July 13-October 14, 2001

Los Angeles, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, November 23, 2001-March 16, 2002

Ottawa/Hull, Canadian Museum of Civilization, May 16-October 14, 2002



Q: How dad the Vikings communicate with one another?

A: By Norse code.

NASA Procedure for Viking Raids   This is a hoot!
Since the decline of the Carolingian Empire in the 10th century, Building 245 of the NASA Ames Research Center has been subject to periodic raids by Viking marauders. These marauders generally attack in search of gold, religious icons, and other forms of plunder. The NASA Ames Barbarian Affairs Office has established the following procedures for defense against Viking raids...

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A famous Viking explorer returned home from a voyage and found his name missing from the town register. His wife insisted on complaining to the local civic official who apologized profusely saying, "I must have taken Leif off my census."



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My ancestor, the Viking, was terrible at plundering and pillaging. He blundered his plundering, and he was stupid with his pillaging. They called him the pillage idiot.

This is from the Miami Herald on Mon. Dec. 27, 1999:

The Vikings Are Coming!

If you haven't heard much about Vikings, lately, be prepared to. When the craziness of New Year's Eve 1999 has come and gone, the significance of the millennium for North Americans will focus on two events 1,000 years apart that changed our history.

1. The first one 2,000 years ago is manifest.

2. The second one-the discovery and temporary settlement of North America by Vikings 1,000 years ago (five centuries before Columbus visited)--is soon due to jump off the pages of dusty history books right into our mass media. It's an official jump, too. The United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland,the Faroe Islands and Norway have been busy preparing for a slew of government sponsored commemorative events. A newly built Viking ship and crew again will sail the rout of Leif Eriksson and his men to the shores of North America. Major TV specials and countless newspaper and magazine articles about this renowned Icelander and his feats are in the works. This newest Viking invasion will be pervasive. But if you're not a historian or a Scandinavian American, why should you really get excited?

Well, first, we should all be in awe of Leif's having pulled off such navigation and discovery, especially in light of all the Y1K problems.

Second, what makes you so sure you're not a Scandinavian American? Odds actually favor you being one--or at least partially being one--if your ancestors are from Ireland, Scotland, Normandy, Russia or England. Vikings first raided but later settled in all those places, altering the ndigenous gene pools forever.

Don't count yourself out either if your ancestors were from Finland, the Baltic or Sicily. Vikings, Scandinavians. The Norse. Nordic people, Norsemen. Northmen. They all mean the same people. They had lived in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany for 5,000 years--after presumably wandering in from central Asia, like most other European tribes. Scandinavians are usually thought of as blonde, tall, blue eyed and good looking. The stereotype is often accurate. You'll find no dearth of brunette, short, and unlovely Scandinavians.


Vikings were Scandinavian seafarers, soldiers and merchants who grew particularly rambunctious in the Eighth Century when they added sails to their already brilliantly designed water vessels. This new breed of ship was the first anywhere that could boldly navigate the high sea and very shallow inlet alike. The Vikings were looking for new territory and booty. In addition, their religion taught them that people who didn't die in battle faced an afterlife under the tyranny of the queen of the underworld, Hel, daughter of the devious and terrible "Dragon of Midgardur." [Hel was actually the daughter of Loki, and sibling of the world serpent. Sunny] There was no shortage of Viking recruits. And the world was unprepared for the cargo of plundering and savagery that their ships carried. The Viking Period lasted 300 years, coming to an end in 1066. Europe had been drastically altered. Lots of blood had been spilt. And replaced! In other words, if your ancestors were from any of the countries listed above, you probably aren't the same physically as you would have been had it not been for the Vikings and their "adventures." For a detailed brief on the country-by-country blood transfusion, go to

It can hardly be doubted that if the same number of invaders and settlers of England had come from sub-Saharan Africa--instead of Scandinavia--those of us of English descent would easily qualify as "black" under current US standards.

So, as this Leif Eriksson guy becomes a media star in 2000, all Americans should follow his story. It's a good one, giving many of us reason to brush up on our genealogies and add another ethnic group in which to take pride while celebrating the millennium.



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The Leif Ericson Millennium Celebration

October 9, 2000 will mark the millennium, or 1000 year anniversary of the first documented European to set foot in North America. Leif Ericson, according to the Icelandic sagas, led this party of adventurers. Recent archeological findings by Helge and Anne Stine Ingstad confirm a Viking settlement in L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada dating to approximately 1000 CE.  

As a centerpiece of the Leif Ericson Millennium Celebration, Viking ships from all nations are invited to set sail for North America in the summer of 2000 to join in commemorating the voyage of Leif Ericson to North America. Viking ships and their crews will assemble by various routes at L'Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada, by the first week in August, 2000. There they will take part in a Viking Grand Encampment and Viking Village program called "VINLAND 1000". They will then set sail in company down the East Coast of Canada and the US in a voyage whose theme is "In Search of Vinland". Each weekend will bring them to a major city en route where the dramatic impact of the Viking ships and their story will drive home the discovery of North America by Vikings one thousand years ago.



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One of the visitors to the website has a dissenting view on the Leif story:

"Ok, You have it partly correct. Vikings were indeed, the FIRST Europeans to discover the North America but it was not Leif Ericsson! He did establish the first settlement, that much is correct but it was Biarni Heriulfson (sometimes Bjarni Herjulfson). "

Biarni is said to have discovered America by accident. According to Norse sagas, Biarni sighted what is now known to be North America A.D. 985 (or thereabouts), when he was sailing from Iceland to Greenland and was blown off course. After Biarni, other Norsemen made voyages to America. Most notable was the famous Leif Ericsson (son of Eric the Red), who, some fifteen years later, established a little community called Vinland or Newfoundland. The Vinland settlement is said to have lasted about a dozen years until the Norsemen were finally driven off by hostile Indians."
Legends, Lies & Cherished Myths of American History
Author: Richard Shenkman

"He lists his sources for this information in the book. It is very interesting and fun reading. As a Viking descendent myself (traced lineage back to William the Conqueror) I am also big on letting people know that Vikings were here long before that slave trader, native killer, Columbus even thought of making a voyage to find a shorter route to India.

"Just thought you might like to have the correct information though :) Keep up the good work though, your site is great! There aren't nearly enough Viking related sites that also have the history or links to it."

From Ava aka Lady Dragon

Thanks Ava! I'd never heard of Bjarni before. For those interested, Shenkman's book can be ordered from by clicking on the hyperlinked title above.

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Q. In the Old Norse tradition, what was the name of the realm inhabited by dyslexic trolls?

A. Misspellheim.

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