Runes, Alphabet of Mystery

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Write in Runes

You can write your name or other words in the runes of the Elder Futhark by using the javascript transliterator below.

Tips: Write phonetically, and skip doubled letters and silent letters.

Examples: "Chrissy" should be written "KRISY".
"Cynthia" should be written "SYNTHIA"
"Ralph" should be written "RALF".
"Thomas" should be written "TOMAS", but "Thad" would be written "THAD".
"Book" should be written "BOK".
"Write" and "Wright" should be written as "RIT".

CH, as in "Chuck", will appear as Kenaz Jera. KJ is the closest approximation in Scandinavian languages.
EI will appear as Eihwaz.
J and Y will appear as Jera.
NG will appear as Ingwaz.
TH will appear as Thurisaz.
V will appear as the runic W because V and W are interchangeable in Scandinavian languages.

The javascript does not insert spaces or punctuation. Many of the ancient runestones were written in continuous script with no spaces or punctuation, so you don't have to do it. You may insert spaces if you wish. If you want punctuation, insert one centered dot between words and two dots (like a colon) between sentences.

Type a word or name into the form below and hit the Translate button. The runic transliteration will appear below.




The rune symbols are individual GIF files. Right click on the desired graphic and hold the mouse button until a menu appears. Select "Download to Disk", to copy the graphic to your own harddrive.

This brilliant javascript was created by Daniel Jakobsson and used on this website with his permission. ©2003 Daniel Jakobsson (Email